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Rebecca Willmann-Albrecht, BSHS, MPT, CMT

Rebecca Willmann, MPT, BSHS, CMT

Rebecca graduated Magna Cum Laude from Maryville University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and in 2003 with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.

In 2006, in an effort to become a better physical therapist, she became a Certified Massage Therapist. In 2019 she earned her certification as a running coach through the RRCA and in 2020 she earned both her certification as a postpartum corrective exercise specialist and her certification in plant based nutrition through Cornell University.

She has 19+ years of experience literally treating patients from head to toe with conditions that range from headaches to plantar fasciitis and everything in between.

As a runner of 20+ years, her passion lies, not only in helping runners/athletes return to sport, but also in injury prevention so that runners/athletes can enjoy a lifetime of being active. She also particularly enjoys helping those with chronic pain enjoy life.

She also believes in the power of wellness and its ability to give people back their quality of life. Rebecca has a love of learning and can often be overheard excitedly sharing some new research she read about.

Rebecca lives in Glen Carbon with her 2 wonderful kids. When she is not running, she enjoys spending time in nature or by the pool, hanging out with her kids, reading, and improving her cooking skills.

Specialties: Runners, Chronic Pain, Myofascial Pain, and Postpartum Rehab

Rebecca’s Clients Share Their Experience
"I was training for my first half marathon and was probably overtraining. About half way into my training, I started developing hip pain and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to finish my training or complete the race. I saw a couple of specialists who recommended physical therapy and more strength training, but they also recommended rest.
Luckily, I consulted with Rebecca and she was able to get me back to a place where I could keep training and complete the race with no problems!"
"I had the pleasure of having Rebecca as my Physical Therapist last June. I had been having elbow pain for quite some time and had finally had enough.Before seeing her, I had lost the ability to turn a door knob, pick up a cup, open a sippy cup, and the worst thing about the whole deal, it was difficult to pick up my young daughter.
Since finishing treatment with Rebecca, I have been able to lift heavier weights than I have in the past, and most importantly, I can play with my daughter again. I would have never been able to do it without her.  Not only did she help me become stronger, she made it a pleasant experience."
"I hurt my knee at work and needed to have surgery to repair my meniscus. Originally, the doctor said that I would not be able to golf for bowl for 3 months but after just 3 weeks of working with Rebecca the doctor said that she did such a good job that I could return to bowling and golf right away.
Because I had such a positive experience with my knee, I immediately called Rebecca when my shoulders started to ache. She gave me exercises and within a week my pain was considerably better. Now I have no pain and I can reach overhead again. Rebecca is always my first call because I know she can help."
"I have chronic pain and my ribs come out of place pretty frequently making it hard to breath. This greatly impacts my quality of life and ability to care for my family. I used to suffer for days at a time trying to get into my chiropractor until I found Rebecca. Rebecca was able to work me in ASAP and get me out of pain quickly. I can text her and she works me in whenever I need her.
Knowing that I can text Rebecca and she can help me quickly gives me piece of mind. Prior to seeking out Rebecca, I avoided exercise and other activities. Now I feel confident in Rebecca’s treatment and help."
"I have known Rebecca for many years. She was my daughter’s therapist after several knee surgeries and most recently, my therapist. She is very knowledgeable about your rehab and very concerned about your recovery. She goes above and beyond to get you to your best self."
"After yoga class, I noticed I had pain in my neck and shoulders. I had difficulty doing small tasks like carrying groceries from the car or simply changing the sheets. My muscles had tightened and it made it impossible for me to do simple tasks without pain.
Rebecca relieved my neck and shoulder pain and I am now back to normal, enjoying exercising, gardening, and work without pain. I thank Rebecca, who was professional and knowledgeable, and was able to identify and solve my problem."
"Rebecca was the third physical therapist that I had seen for my neck injury. As both a PT and a massage therapist, she figured out my neck issue on my first visit!
Every appointment with Rebecca would involve 30 to 45 minutes of manual therapy. She took the time to explain exactly what she was doing and how she worked. Additionally, she had my husband come to some of my appointments to teach him and me how and what to do at home to treat flare ups at home.
After my neck, I realized how amazing she is at understanding me and my body so I continued to see her for my hip, knees and ankle problems. Rebecca is an amazing person and physical therapist. She truly cares about her patients and making sure they are able to get back to their normal lives."

Diane Threlkeld PT, DPT, CMPT

Diane graduated from the University of Evansville in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and in 2013 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She became Astym certified, a soft tissue mobilization technique, in 2017 and a certified manual therapist in 2019.  This specialized training helped further develop her clinical knowledge of treating musculoskeletal conditions.

She spent the last 8+ years treating patients in an outpatient physical therapy setting, focusing on orthopedic diagnoses of all kinds.  As a lifelong competitive swimmer, she has always enjoyed working with athletes.  She took up triathlon about 8 years ago, developing a passion for cycling/running and the endurance training required for such rigorous races.  She finds helping athletes of all ages overcome injuries and return to their sport/activity extremely rewarding.

Diane was drawn to self pay physical therapy because she was tired of her practice being dictated by corporate and insurance demands.  This style provides more freedom to address all client concerns at once, allows for more one-on-one attention, values continuity of care between the client/clinician, and flexibility to schedule appointments that fit everyone’s busy schedules.  She is a passionate believer that physical health improves all aspects of life, including mental and emotional health.

Diane lives in Glen Carbon with her puppy, Georgie.  When she’s not swimming or hitting the MCT trails on her bike or on foot, she enjoys traveling all over the world, reading, and baking.  She’s always looking for a new place to race and is planning to ride the Trans America bike route in 2021!

Specialties: Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, Triathletes

Diane’s Clients Share Their Experience
"Put your faith in Diane, I did. My story: I was suffering from a nagging calf injury for years - a “cramp” that wouldn’t subside for days and had me out of my running shoes for weeks at a time without warning. Several resources I sought for relief proved to be misdiagnosed dead ends until I put my trust in Diane.
She listened closely while I explained my symptoms and history with the injury. She was engaged and asked questions that showed me that she truly cared about getting me back on the running trails. Her knowledge was deep and she took the time to share it. I had no idea a calf injury could be rooted in my hip, but she explained in great detail how the parts of my leg work together and by the end I felt like I understood my body better. Then, she fixed it! "
"Diane is great! The only PT for me!
Diane’s knowledge of the human body is impressive and she takes the time to share it. Her friendly attitude is unmatched and she truly does care about her patients! She’s an Ironman caliber triathlete, so she relates well to the aches and pains of her endurance sports clients.
She diagnosed an injury of mine with ease and had me back on the running trail so fast it made me wish I had gone to her years earlier! Not only did she fix my problem, but she gave me the tools to guard against the injury reoccurring. The injury didn’t come back, but I sure did! I feel incredibly comfortable in her care and she delivers quick and lasting results every time. Go see her, you won’t regret it!"
"Diane is amazing! I cannot stress enough how great of a therapist she is. When I started with her for a back injury,not only did she look at my actual problem, but she also asked me about my lifestyle.
By incorporating some of my fitness activities into my treatments, she made therapy more engaging and motivating. Diane is so easy to get along with and made my treatments so fun! I highly recommend her for any therapy needs!"
"After several knee surgeries on each leg, I am no stranger to PT. I got to the point where I could no longer squat, kneel, or even climb the stairs. When I met Diane for the first time, I knew this experience was going to be different. She did Astym on my legs, which really helped! Then she put my through a variety of strengthening exercises to help get me back to my normal routine.
I even did box jumps!! I thought I had given up jumping years ago, but with her support and encouragement, I accomplished more than I ever dreamed I would. I tell everyone how amazing she is!!"

Stephanie Hemker PT, DPT

Stephanie graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science in 2008 and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010. She found her true passion in physical therapy in 2013 when she began treating the pelvic floor.

Stephanie uses a manual therapy approach to improve the lives of men and women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. She treats a wide variety of ailments including pelvic pain, tail bone pain, incontinence, constipation, prolapse, diastasis recti, abdominal pain, and infertility. She can also aid with birth preparation and pain during pregnancy.

She is a true pelvic floor advocate who believes in educating the public on what pelvic floor physical therapy can do. Educating and treating this population is her small way to make a difference in the world.

Stephanie lives in Germantown, IL, with her husband Chris, and their 3 young children. She enjoys an active lifestyle including running, yoga, biking, hiking, cooking, and trying to make the best of all life’s moments.

Specialties: Postpartum Rehab, Incontinence, Pelvic pain, Infertility, Pregnancy Pain, Birth Prep


Tiffani Scheldt PTA, RYT

Tiffani graduated from Southwestern Illinois College in 2018 with her Physical Therapy Assistant degree. She has worked in a skilled nursing facility and also an outpatient clinic. Tiffani is Graston certified and loves working with all varieties of patients.Tiffani recently became a registered yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for the last few years. From a young age, her world revolved around competitive dance and cheerleading. With this background, she has transitioned into a love of yoga. Her goal is to use her knowledge of both fields to better help people of all abilities enjoy yoga.Tiffani lives in Bethalto, IL with her husband, Steven, and their little dog, Teddy. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and also cheering on the St. Louis Cardinals!

Specialties: Yoga Classes, Senior Wellness

Lacy Koelker

Lacy Koelker, RYT 200

Lacy first began doing yoga for the physical benefits before realizing the mental and emotional benefits that she would receive.

After being a hairdresser for 15 years, she decided she was ready for a change of pace, but still desired to help others feel good about themselves. What better way than to share her love of yoga with others and see them receive all the benefits.

When Lacy is not doing yoga or hair, she enjoys sharing love and laughter with her family and friends, playing with her dog Fozzie and cat Olive, going on walks and gardening.

Specialties: Yoga Classes

Thea Meyer

Thea Meyer, RYT 200

Thea’s yoga journey began when she decided she wanted a balance of calm and cardio in her life. At first it was just about the physical benefits of yoga, then quickly became about the mental aspects of yoga.  She now practices daily for mental clarity and stress reduction.

Thea has 10+ years of experience as a Pre-K teacher and aide. She enjoys teaching and interacting with children of all ages as they are our future. She is also a huge advocate for children, uniquely minded individuals, and those whom are ASD.

She resides in Maryville with her husband and three amazing sons.  When Thea is not flowing in yoga, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and exploring/hiking the great outdoors.

Specialties: Yoga Classes

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